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10 Oct 2019

Five ways to optimise the fuel management with Leon

Managing fuel is probably one of the trickiest aspects of the aviation business. With so many moving parts and steadily increasing fuel prices, business operators and airlines are in a constant struggle to optimise the process without the need of reaching for excessive measures.

Fuel Features

Luckily for flight departments using Leon in their daily operations, we have implemented quite an impressive number of fuel-related features that help to get the most out of operations in that regard, thus reducing operating costs significantly. Saving money due to time saved on various activities is becoming even more apparent when you take a look at process automations developed in Leon over the last years. Without any further ado, let’s jump straight into the list of five most useful features we have to offer.

Controlling fuel prices

Fuel cost derives of many different factors, such as local fuel price for flight destinations, flight frequency, aircraft fuel efficiency or specific contract setup between the operator and the supplier. Keeping track of fuel prices is essential, as when operating on a large scale even the miniscule improvement in terms of pricing can work wonders.

If you are a holder of fuel cards, you can simply add an appropriate spreadsheet file to Leon so that the fuel prices data could be included in the OPS view. On that basis, when selecting a flight, prices for both ADES and ADEP airports will be displayed, with a proper distinction of the lowest price available.

Adding custom fuel prices is possible too, both via the Fuel Prices section as well as directly through the data input in the OPS module.

Direct ordering

In order to further improve and automate the communication process with fuel suppliers, it is also possible to order fuel directly from a limited list of companies, such as Success Aviation, Fuel & More, AvFuel and EuroJet. Email templates for fuel orders created this way are fully customizable, so you can enhance them not only with your company’s information, but also with data available in Leon, including necessary details on aircraft, trip and airport handler.

Your favourite supplier is not on the list? Please let us know. We are constantly adding new options for the convenience of our community.

Fuel reports

It would be definitely detrimental to your success if operational input entered in Leon would somehow go to waste. That won’t happen though, as almost any kind of data you can find in Leon may be used for the analysis and reporting purposes via our Reporting module. There is a number of pre-set reports, providing you with an in-depth insight into the fuel consumption of your fleet.

And if predefined reports somehow do not meet your requirements, Report Wizard’s flexibility in defining the scope of your reports is something to consider. For more information, please check our featured article on Report Wizard.


Of course, there might be some cases, in which Leon alone could not be enough to stay competitive on a demanding fuel market. This is exactly the reason why among many integrations available on our platform, we strongly suggest to, at least, take a look at what all-in-one solutions such as FuelerLinx or UVair have to offer.

Refuelling and Fuel Stop

We could not forget about tools that keep track of the refuelling process as well as pinpoint unrefuelled legs available in the database. Data stored in that section will be also at your disposal afterwards in the Reporting module.

Additionally, refuelling may be required while setting up an itinerary for a quoted flight in the Sales module. Leon would automatically verify if a Fuel Stop is required on the particular leg and provide user with the list of suggested airports for refuelling in the vicinity of a possible refuelling location.


Don’t forget that our Customer Support team remains at your disposal for any questions you may have regarding Leon.

And if you are still on the fence about trying Leon as a one-stop for your aviation business, we highly recommend hopping on a 30 day trial, without any further commitments. Contact our Sales team to find out more.


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