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13 Jan 2022

Improved data insight with new features in Leon Sales

Creating an accurate quote is only a part of the bigger picture. In order to have successful charter sales, you should be able to easily share charter data with other parties.

New features in Leon Sales

This is where the communication in tandem with efficiency come into play. Modern management software for aviation should provide you with tools to communicate with buyers and sellers, resulting in a much smoother experience. New features we have introduced recently in Leon fit that bill perfectly, making them a hot commodity among charter brokers, as well as aircraft operators looking to expand their sales activities.

New OPS & Crew tab

In one of the recent releases a new “OPS & Crew” tab has been added to the RFQ edit window. The section provides easy access to the basic dispatch information of the trip that is already booked. Data involving handling agents, crew on the flight, as well as status of overflight permits and airport slots can be visible at glance. This allows for a better overview of the trip data without the necessity of switching between Sales and OPS modules in Leon.

While this tab should improve the communication between your internal teams, its functionality shines even more if we put subcharters into the equation. Should both an aircraft operator and a broker involved in the charter process use Leon and the flight is sold through the Avinode platform, they can now share the trip data automatically for a better synergy. This is a great way to improve the transparency of information feeds on purchased flights.

screen opscrew

Selecting the scope of data to share in the OPS & Crew tab.

 There are a few caveats that are worth mentioning in this case. An operator needs to confirm whether to share the aforementioned trip data with a broker, which can be done for a single quote, or for all future quotes from that particular broker. An operator may also decide to share only partial data with a broker.

Summary tab

Another useful feature to boost the efficiency of charter sales is the “Summary” tab, also available in the edit request section. On that account, our goal was to introduce a tool covering all quotes created under one particular request, allowing for a brief overview of prices, margins, quote status, assigned aircraft and subcharter data. Before this feature arrived, you would have to individually select a quote tab in order to view data for each quote - and this could certainly become a chore with several offers created under one RFQ. Again, the summary of all available quotes should be a highly coveted feature, especially by charter brokers.

 The development process is still under way as we listen to our community’s feedback. In the near future you can expect new additions to the “OPS & Crew” tab functionality, such as sending PAX data between an operator and a broker. We also plan to implement the functionality to share the trip data between those parties, notwithstanding if they use Leon or not.

Read more about the latest Leon features at our Online Wiki.

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