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26 Mar 2020

Solutions for an effective team collaboration

The sheer complexity of the aviation business forces the management to constantly stay in search of solutions that extend and improve the collaboration scheme between teams and team members. This is especially true if your co-workers are not available at the same place or time, work shifts and a direct communication may prove to be difficult. We are all reaping benefits of a digitized workplace, being able to easily connect with team members via different tools, yet in order to have your application stack adjust perfectly to your workflow, other applications have to follow the same route.

Team collaboration

Leon, designed from the start as a web solution, is filled with features boosting this process – supporting the collaboration within and outside of your team.

Have access to the history of changes

With the amount of modifications done each day by your team members to the system data, it is obvious that everyone involved needs to have an access to the history of changes made on a particular item in Leon, whether it be a trip data, endorsement or a fleet document. As such changelog cannot be modified manually, this feature also provides the aviation organization with a necessary support in terms of compliance procedures, enabling a consistent record-keeping of the input data.

There are several settings in which you can view the aforementioned adjustments. Every time you make a change, the changelog will include a relevant entry for others to be aware of. New data are marked with green colour, modifications with yellow, while removed entries are shown in red. Each record in the log includes the user data as well as a date of such alteration. We have gone even further by introducing additional markers, highlighting all other data changes of the same item.

As it has been mentioned earlier, you can view the changelog for each trip in the OPS module, but such functionality is also present for each Checklist item in the same module, or for Roster changes within the Crew Panel.  Some of the recently added features include a changelog view for Endorsements and Endorsements for Airports as well as for fleet documents’ files, available under MX module. You can also access and download deleted files in those sections, as we store them on our servers. History of changes for Manuals in Leon will likewise be introduced as another feature in the near future.

Communicate between teams

OCC and Sales teams usually work very close with each other. Quotation, trip data and details of basically any change should be transparent and available to every person involved in the charter process. Switching between the data from the OPS and Sales perspective in Leon is as easy as pressing one button, while keeping the workflow clean and tidy is much easier thanks to distinct Checklists and Notes sections, separate for each department and viewable by participants (and yes, you can view the history of changes for notes as well). With the recently added Bookings view in the Sales module, accessing the information on current aircraft tasks and aircraft availability has also become much more intuitive.

Reporting is another factor to be taken into consideration when we talk about the internal communication. While we have already shared with you some insight on reporting capabilities of Report Wizard, it is still worth noting that you can distribute the reporting data both externally (by exporting to pdf file, spreadsheet, or via a shareable link) and internally, by toggling the ‘visible only to me’ option. The latter allows viewing and editing of a particular report by other team members, depending on your Privileges settings.

We have also expanded the Privileges section in Leon to allow a swift distribution of manuals and similar documentation between team members via both web platform and mobile application. Each group of particular competences or authorization can be granted access to a specific range of documents this way.

Speaking of Leon Mobile app, we also don’t have to mention how effective can it be as a tool for managing remote teams. Designed for a quick, remote access to the relevant flight and roster information by crew members, it provides a wide variety of other features improving the overall collaboration. Your team needs to verify if a particular checklist item is confirmed without sending additional notices? Leon app makes the process so much more straightforward.


Learn more about features mentioned in the article at our Online Wiki.

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