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24 Apr 2023

Airport Pricing Calculator in Leon Sales module

Set the right price for your services with the Airport Pricing Calculator from Aviation Data Solutions

The price of a private flight is based on an estimate of costs plus a markup. The more accurate the estimate, the more certain the profit. Airport and ground handling charges are the tough ones – depend on many variables and are presented as long and complex documents with dozens of additional rules and fees.

That's why private operators usually use historical data for their estimates. The problem is that shifting a departure by a day, and sometimes even a few hours, can completely change the cost. As a result, the actual costs don't match the estimates at all, leaving private jet operators with lost profits. Aviation Data Solution set out to change this by creating the Airport Pricing Calculator (APC) – now available through Leon Software.

Airport Pricing Calculator in Leon Sales module

Replace fix price with detailed cost list

The integration of the Airport Pricing Calculator with Leon Charter Sales Module brings a new quality to flight cost estimation. With just a few clicks, users of both platforms get access to the most up-to-date information on airport and ground handling fees.

Aviation Data Solutions goes to great lengths to collect data on as many airports as possible, and its database is growing all the time. Its current focus is on Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, but it is constantly adding service ratings for more destinations. Once new data is completed, there's an update rollout to users.

With the Airport Pricing Calculator activated, the Leon Sales Module user will be able to see a detailed cost list instead of fixed cost estimates, for each airport that's already in the ADS database. Thanks to Leon Software's flexibility, all the user has to do is enter the flight data. The APC cost estimates are automatically generated via integration.

Types of information you can find in the Airport Pricing Calculator

APC provides an in-house aircraft engine database that covers all certified business aviation types, down to the aircraft variant level, to ensure highly accurate modeling of noise and emission charges.

APC takes into account off-hours, night, holiday and additional surcharges, RFFS upgrades, and even operational limits. The system will give you an approximate price for handling services if you haven't been able to ask the ground handler for access to pricing data. You can select any type of service – both mandatory and non-mandatory, such as catering, dishwashing, cleaning, and others – and get a detailed list of costs.

Immediate cost feedback brings more customers

So why might immediate cost feedback be crucial?

It enhances vendors' capabilities for winning a quotation. When the time is of the essence, you can quickly check the most up-to-date cost information, set the right price for a flight, and offer it to a potential customer without delay. With more accurate estimates, you can price more confidently, serve customers faster than your competitors, and send offers that are still profitable for you.

Leon Sales Module and APC integration enables you to see the probable price instantly. There’s no need to enter flight data twice, ones for Leon and after that fulfilling APC forms. By connecting the systems, it's easier to see how prices will change if, for example, you reschedule your flight.

Fixed cost estimates can lead to two types of errors: they can be too low, which reduces your margin, or they can be too high, which discourages customers from purchasing overpriced flights (still affecting your profit). The Airport Pricing Calculator doesn't completely eliminate the risk of under- or overestimation, but it certainly reduces it.

Some vendors think that this approach can “even it out” - some flights you will sell are more costly, some cheaper – but Aviation Data Solutions sees it differently: it saves you a lot of money. Thanks to more accurate and lower prices, you actually get more customers, on many flights you would not sell at all, and of course, for all the underestimated costs you discover, you save a lot of margin money.

More about Aviation Data Solutions

The Airport Pricing Calculator is one of the few services offered by Aviation Data Solutions, a company founded by Adrian Parsons. He is an experienced pilot, who also spent many years in business aviation charter sales and operations. He has watched new technologies enter the field of aviation, but all along there has been a lack of digitization of processes related to simple and transparent presentation of costs. Aviation Data Solutions was born out of a strong need to fill a gap in aviation offerings. 

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