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12 Nov 2019

Leon takes on open source, adds Zapier integration

Our goal is to make Leon the most customizable scheduling software on the market. One route to reaching it is to allow connecting with multitude of other applications in many possible ways.

Integration with Zapier

 A few months ago we have introduced our brand-new API, which provides our clients and partners with new possibilities by sharing the data between different pieces of software. However, we knew that the delivery of API in itself won’t suffice in many cases, as in order to create even a simple application a large amount of resources is required, including the infrastructure and developers’ time. In result, developing simple apps for that purpose may seem more challenging than expected.


Why Zapier?

Due to aforementioned issues, we have recently started working with Zapier to deliver an even more streamlined solution, accesible to almost everyone without a dedicated developer team. For those of you who don’t know, Zapier is the most popular task automation platform, helping its users create easy to use automations between web apps, working in a recurring way. Building connections between over 1500 applications is possible sans an extensive coding and learning each API, thus significantly reducing time and cost of development and maintenance of each intregration.

Another big advantage of Zapier is a flexibility of the utilised infrastructure, where you pay only for effectively used resources. With such high efficiency of this solution, we have decided to start using Zapier platform at Leon for our own internal processes. Even with a team of nearly 20 developers and the infrastructure consisting of tens of servers, it really supports the communication and workflow in our organization.


How to connect?

Zapier helps with building integrations with such applications as Gmail, Google Drive, Facebook, LinkedIn, Salesforce, Slack, Messenger and many others. The best of all, it is now possible to create new ones, connecting your own corporate app ecosystem with Leon in new, diversified ways. Without much effort, you could:

  1. Send the list of empty legs to your website page.

  2. Post a list of empty legs on your LinkedIn page each day.

  3. Create an automated daily mailing with flight schedule sent to selected recipients.

  4. Send flight notifications to your Slack.

  5. Provide your accounting software with flight data from Leon.

In order to connect Zapier with Leon, you should own or create an account on Zapier. Zapier’s pricing model is quite flexible, starting with a free plan and paid subscriptions for a larger amount of more sophisticated integrations. Having Zapier account active, please contact our team on and request sending an invitation to access Leon app on Zapier. Before our Zapier app goes public, we are planning to build a number of sample applications with our community.

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The door to integration is open

Creating and sharing our Zapier application with you is just one of first steps in opening Leon’s code to external developers.We would love to invite you to create apps connected with Leon and Zapier app is actually our first open source project, available to everyone using GitHub (

By sharing the source code we plan to aid other developers in the process of creating applications using our own API. In the next steps we will release the source code for our new mobile application for aircraft owners, which is expected to go live very soon. Alongside with brand new mobile app, we will provide external teams with an API authorisation protocol oAuth2. 


For more information about Zapier, please visit its website. The list of possible integrations is available at

Don’t forget to visit our Community, where our developers share their know-how on the new API and other latest updates.


PAWEŁ SZMAGAJ linkedin logo

CTO at Leon Software



Since 2007 he is supervising the development and introducing new technology standards to help Leon Software maintain its position as a leading scheduling software provider for Business Aviation. 



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